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Nagoya <--> Gujo Hachiman


Nagoya -> Gujo Hachiman

Meitetsu Bus Center (Nagoya) 8:40 13:30
Highway Kakamigahara 9:18 14:08
Highway Seki 9:27 14:17
Highway Mino 9:33 14:23
Highway Gujo Minami 9:49 14:39
Gujo Hachiman Jokamachi Plaza 10:05 14:55

Gujo Hachiman -> Nagoya

Gujo Hachiman Jokamachi Plaza 10:40 15:20
Highway Gujo Minami 10:56 15:36
Highway Mino 11:14 15:54
Highway Seki 11:20 16:00
Highway Kakamigahara 11:29 16:09
Meitetsu Bus Center (Nagoya) 12:13 17:05

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Fare (yen) Highway Kakamigahara Highway Seki Highway Mino Highway Gujo Minami Gujo Hachiman Jokamachi Plaza
Meitetsu Bus Center (Nagoya) 840 1,060 1,260 1,880 2,260
Highway Kakamigahara 480 640 1,170 1,440
Highway Seki 270 890 1,200
Highway Mino 760 1,080
Highway Gujo Minami 520

* Seats are available by advance reservation only.
* Child fares are half the adult rate.

Guide to discounted round-trip fares

We have set bargain round-trip fares for those using the round-trip service between Nagoya and Gujo Hachiman.

Journey Discounted round-trip fares
Meitetsu Bus Center(Nagoya) <--> Gujo Hachiman Jokamachi Plaza Adult 4,100 yen (child 2,050 yen)
[Guide to Application]
  • - Round-trip discount is valid for 10 days including departure date.
  • - Round-trip discounts are not available once on the bus. Please obtain the discount at a ticket office in advance or use the online reservation system.The round-trip discount applies only when you make a reservation for both the outbound and return trips at a Gifu Bus ticket office or online.

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Guide to bus stops

Meitetsu Bus Center (Nagoya)

Highway Seki

Highway Gujo Minami
Highway Kakamigahara

Highway Mino

Gujo Hachiman Jokamachi Plaza

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Guide to boarding buses

* To board a bus, you need to make a reservation in advance.
* If you do not have a reservation, you will not be able to travel if the bus is full on the day.

Click here for online reservations and purchases.

[About Reservations]
  • - Tickets will be on sale from one month before travel.
  • - A cancellation fee may apply subject to the company’s provisions.
  • - If there is a vacant seat on the day, you can travel without a reservation.
[About Use]
  • - Double discounts will not apply for round-trip tickets in conjunction with a disability discount.
  • - Tickets are invalidated by stopovers part way through the journey.
  • - If you forget or lose your ticket, you will have to purchase another one. You will be refunded for the original ticket, but it may take some time to confirm the re-purchase (please note that you may have to come back at a later date.)
  • - Highway Buses may be delayed due to road conditions or weather conditions, but please note that no refunds of fares, or compensation for connecting transportation and accommodation, will be given due to buses being delayed.In addition, if travel safety cannot be secured, the service may be cancelled. In this case, we will contact you by telephone.In addition, if the travel safety cannot be secured, the service may be cancelled, and in this case we will contact you by telephone.
  • - Because the amount of luggage that can be loaded is limited, please minimize your luggage. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage or theft.
  • - Please understand that the vehicle may change due to vehicle inspections, etc.Depending on the vehicle used, the locations of seats and equipment may vary.
[About Changes and Refunds]
  • - To change your reservation, please bring all the tickets to the ticket office where you made the purchase or the nearest ticket office, as tickets cannot be changed over the phone after purchase.There is no fee for a change the first time. For a second and later changes, 100 yen per ticket is required.However, a fee is charge from the first time when exchanging at the sales window tickets paid for by credit card through the highwaybus.com site.
  • - Refunds will be handled only at the ticket office where the ticket was purchased.A fee of 100 yen per ticket (200 yen for round-trip tickets) is required.
  • - No refunds will be made due to missing connections.
  • - To make a cancellation or change at your destination, please apply to the nearest ticket office before the departure time of the reserved service and obtain proof that you did not travel. The refund for the original ticket will be handled only at the ticket office where that ticket was purchased. Please note that refunds must be processed within one month after the scheduled departure date.
[Notation based on the Highway Bus display guidelines]
Type of service Highway Bus Operating company Gifu Noriai Jidosha
Actual travel distance 81.7 km Time required Outbound: 1 hours 25 minutesReturn: 1 hours 45 minutes
Driver One person Voluntary insurance Unlimited bodily injury cover / 5 million yen property insurance

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